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Blue Star Recyclers and PCs for People Launch Refurbishment and Repair Services

Blue Star Recyclers Truck

Denver’s 9 News broadcast the launch of the new partnership that expands our recycling capabilities to refurbishment and repair. The initial distribution of computers was sponsored by Regis University and First American State Bank. Blue Star’s Arnie Navarro and Andy O’Reilly were featured in a Univision broadcast about the impact of the partnership with PCs for People.

Colorado Springs and Denver Now Open on Saturdays!

Recycle computers and other electronics when you run your Saturday errands! Both our facilities are open to accept materials on Saturdays between 9am and 1pm. Full list of items we accept.

Recycling fees are charged for all electronics except computers, laptops and cell phones.

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Best Return for Your Donation

Every donor dollar goes a lot farther at Blue Star! For every $1.00 Blue Star Recyclers receives from donors, we are able to generate $9.00 more because Blue Star Recyclers earns income to cover over 80% of its expenses. However, due to our expansion in Denver and a significant decline in commodity prices, we need to increase donor support to keep growing jobs for people with autism.

Colorado Gives Day is December 8, 2015. But you can beat the rush by donating today! Just go to here and submit your donation. Thanks!

Colorado Springs

100 Talamine Court
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Phone: 719.597.6119


953 Decatur Street
Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 303.534.1667

Some fees apply.

Colorado Environmental Leadership Program Gold Partner