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Blue Star Presents at 27th Annual Courage to Risk Conference

Recycling Tech Leigh Schilling, CEO Bill Morris, and new Board member Dr. Laurie Sperry spoke about meaningful employment for people with disabilities at Blue Star Recyclers at the 2016 CTR Conference in Colorado Springs. Courage to Risk is a collaboration of organizations committed to the educational success of students with diverse learning needs. Leigh stole the show by sharing about her job and what it is like to work at Blue Star.

2015 Annual Report Released

Jobs for people with autism, social impact, and numbers of recycled and refurbished electronics have been compiled for 2015. Read our Annual Report.

Hope Tank Campaign To Bring in
16 Computers a Day

Hope Tank, a Denver store that sells artisan works that benefit charities, wants their customers to bring in 16 computers a day for recycling and refurbishment by Blue Star Recyclers. That amount will keep one person with autism and other disabilities employed for a day. Their challenge runs for the month of January.

Residents can take computers to Hope Tank at
64 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203. Read more.

Colorado Springs

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