• Talent Discovered
    Blue Star employees exceed expectations and thrive at work
  • Community Contributions
    Keeps revenue local and saves taxpayer funding
    by paying disabled employees
  • Electronic Waste Creates Jobs
    Turn an environmental hazard into new jobs at Blue Star
  • Environmental Leader
    Meeting the highest environmental standards

Why Fees

The fees you pay help cover our costs, protect your data, meet the highest environmental standards, and create jobs.

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  • E-Stewards® Certified
  • Highest standard for Environmental Management Systems
  • Third-party audited
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  • Secure data device shred or data wipe
  • Client-site data shredding
  • Pick up or drop off services for business
  • Documentation of services for EMS
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Computers and laptops, TV’s and monitors, printers, stereos, phones, microwaves, vacuums, fax machines, hair dryers, gaming devices — we take it all!

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Latest NEWS

Blue Star Recyclers Expanding to Illinois

Blue Star Recyclers leased a new facility at 1387 Barclay Blvd. in Buffalo Grove, IL. We will open new recycling operations here in November 2019. This expansion was made possible through a grant from Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF), along with local support from Colliers International, Walgreens, and others.

Replicating the training and bridge to employment program started by Cherry Creek School District in Denver, Blue Star will work with school districts in the North and Northwest Chicago suburban areas to create employment paths for Special Education/Transitions students in the area.

President Sam Morris Finalist in CoBiz GenXYZ Award

Blue Star Recyclers President, Sam Morris, has been selected as a finalist in the Colorado Biz GenXYZ award that celebrates influential young business leaders across the state. This is the 10th year for this award and Blue Star is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Read the story.

Blue Star Reaches New Milestones Ahead of 10 Year Anniversary

Blue Star Recyclers has continued to add more jobs for people with a diagnosed disability or barrier to employment. Our employee roster now stands at 50 and 80% have a diagnosed disability. We also achieved 100% financial sustainability through earned income as we celebrate our 10-Year anniversary. Read the press release.

News Spotlight

Blue Star and Kyklos Partner To Create Jobs In Chile

In 2016 two recyclers from South America spent a month with Blue Star Recyclers as part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI). We learned and shared best practices. Sebastian Herceg with Kyklos in Chile, reconnected with us in early 2018 to share about new laws in Chile related to workforce inclusion and waste reduction. Since Blue Star’s mission produces impact on both of those fronts, Sebastian applied to YLAI for a reverse exchange visit so Bill could visit Chile and explore how Kyklos could replicate Blue Star’s model there. The visit produced positive responses from government and business leaders and launched an initiative to create vocational training and jobs in Chile through electronics recycling. In early 2019 Kyklos received funding from Entel (Cellular carrier in Chile) to cover a facility and other initial costs.

Through a separate grant from the US Embassy in Chile, representatives from Blue Star Recyclers have been invited to return to Chile in November to participate in the grand opening of Kyklos’s new electronics recycling program, provide training to the Kyklos staff, and promote the initiative.

Congratulations to Sebastian and his team at Kyklos. Thanks to the US Embassy in Chile and Entel for providing the financial support to help make the initiative possible.


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