Blue Star Recyclers

A 501c3 Nonprofit

Items We Recycle

We Recycle Electronics, Fluorescent Bulbs, and Batteries

Items Recycled

Residential* Recycling Fees

All Computers

Laptops and desktops

No charge

TV’s and Monitors

Flat screen displays

Rear projection and cathode ray tube (CRT) displays


$0.59 per pound

General Electronic Waste

Printers, keyboards, DVD and VCR players, stereos, video game players, cell phones, printers, fax machines, AV equipment, small appliances, microwaves, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners

$0.49 per pound

Light Bulbs

Straight Tubes

CFL and U-tubes

Incandescent bulbs

$0.25 per linear foot

$0.75 each

$0.50 each


Alkaline and mixed batteries

Sorted rechargeable (ni-cad) batteries

$2.00 per pound

$0.39 per pound

Hard Drive Shredding

Computer Hard Drives

$12 per drive

WE CANNOT ACCEPT: Refrigerators, air conditioners, washers, dryers, corroded batteries, smoke detectors or any fuel-powered items.

For questions about recycling items you do not see here, please call 855.302.2583

*For Business recycling prices, please contact Arnie Navarro — or call 719.494.6342.

Recycle electronics, flourescent bulbs and batteries.