Blue Star Recyclers

A 501c3 Nonprofit

Community Programs

We Give

Electronics Recycling Event

Blue Star Recyclers helped host over 120 community electronics recycling events that raised over $50,000 for area nonprofit organizations. For information about scheduling community events, call Sam Morris at 719.464.8794 or email him at

We Speak

Learn about recycling electronics

We love to spread the word about the importance of electronics recycling, the value of creating jobs for people with autism spectrum and other disabilities, and our story of business creating sustainable communities. If you would like to schedule a tour or presentation contact us at or call 719.597.6119.

We Get

Beanstalk Foundation Logo

Beanstalk Foundation features Blue Star Recycling on their crowd-funding website.

Indy Give 2012 Logo

Blue Star Recyclers participated in the 2012 Indy Gives Program that helped raise funds to purchase needed warehouse equipment.

We Welcome Involvement

Volunteers help load electronics on a truck for recycling.

We welcome you as a volunteer advocate for Blue Star Recyclers. For more information on our volunteer opportunities please call Janet Morris at 719.244.4445 or email